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'This is us' 

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Photography is both my job and my passion. I am a perpetual student and am constantly learning new techniques, building better processes and finding new ways to deliver the absolute best to my clients. 

I love yoga and hate chocolate (yes truly, I've tried them all). I have 4 daughters who are all so different, been the partner to my other half for over 22 years (and counting), born and raised in Montreal, worked in Finance for years before turning to photography, lived in the US, Germany & Australia for work and returned to Canada nearly 10 years ago to settle down and grow roots. 

My grandfather was a journalist before he went to war and some of my earliest childhood memories are of listening to him tell stories. I aim to do the same through photography. 


My Family


This right here is my family. All 22 of them. My parents both immigrated to Canada in their 20's, met, fell in love and had me and my 3 siblings. We then somehow managed to give them 12 grandchildren and the rest is history! 

When I was growing up, my mom would somehow, in the middle of the chaos that was raising 4 children, find time to write down the cute moments in time behind the stories of our childhood. She did this for years and those moments in time became the stories of our childhood. 

Where my mothers storytelling talent lay in writing, mine showed up behind the camera. And while my kids roll their eyes everytime my camera comes out (ie. all the time) I know that one day they will treasure these photos in the same way I treasure my mothers writing. 

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