Print. Your. Photos.

"Remember that one time ...." said no one ever as they walked by the 10,000 photos stored in the phone/computer/USB drive. 

Why print your photos? 

Printed Photos have Power

Sounds a bit dramatic but think of the last time you walked past a beautiful image on a wall. Did it make you smile? Laugh? Tear up? Did it make you feel something? Printing our memories and moments and then hanging them on the wall evokes our memories and creates a tangible sense of family, belonging and emotion. 

Our world is virtual. Printed photos are not

Virtual school. Online shopping. FaceTime. Texting. 

All these amazing tools have progressed us forward and enabled us to continue living through the past year and a half. But if the last 18 months have taught us anything it's that FaceTime is no replacement for a hug. Texting doesn't come close to having a face-to-face conversation with a friend. Virtual school....well, don't get me started on that one. 

Digital pictures are great but does walking by your computer conjure up a memory of your child splashing in a puddle from 2019? What happens when you have that moment as a photo on your wall instead?

Why not?

The printed product you get from StoryTeller photography comes from a professional photo lab. Yes, the big box stores with a photo department are cheaper but when it comes to printed products the saying that good work is not cheap but cheap work is not good is very accurate. Professional-grade photo labs employ experienced technicians, use high-quality ink and materials and monitor and calibrate their colours to ensure a consistent photo quality.